Module Nethttpd_engine

module Nethttpd_engine: sig .. end

The event-based encapsulation of the HTTP daemon

This is a user-friendlier encapsulation of the HTTP daemon. It uses the engine module defined in Uq_engines.

type engine_req_state = [ `Finishing | `Received_header | `Received_request | `Receiving_body ] 
class type http_engine_config = object .. end
class type extended_async_environment = object .. end
class type http_request_header_notification = object .. end
class type http_request_notification = object .. end
class http_engine : on_request_header:(http_request_header_notification -> unit) -> unit -> #http_engine_config -> Unix.file_descr -> Unixqueue.unix_event_system -> [unit] Uq_engines.engine
This engine processes the requests arriving on the file descriptor using the Unix event system.
class type http_engine_processing_config = object .. end
class buffering_engine_processing_config : http_engine_processing_config
Implements the synchronisation by buffering
class type http_engine_processing_context = object .. end
val process_connection : #Nethttpd_reactor.http_processor_config ->
#http_engine_processing_config ->
Unix.file_descr ->
Unixqueue.unix_event_system ->
'a Nethttpd_types.http_service ->
Sets up an engine that processes all requests using the service description. This function returns immediately, one needs to the event system to start the engine.

The passed http_engine_processing_config is crucial for good performance. XXX